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Wednesday, 12 December 2012 15:52

Lee Brice Christmas Album Is on Singer's Holiday Wish List

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Lee Brice has already said he plans on doing a new studio album next year, but those aren't the only musical ambitions for the country star. The "I Drive Your Truck" singer hopes to have a new set of holiday tunes to share with fans next year as well.

"I will end up doing that," Lee told The Boot and other reporters at a recent media event. "I think [label head] Mike Curb definitely wants me to do one of those. We've talked about it. For me, I would want to make a Christmas record that was as fresh or as good as if it was a regular album, and not necessarily a Christmas album. There would be a few classics on there that I would cut my own way, maybe in a way that hadn't been cut before, or recorded. And I definitely would want to write some stuff that nobody has heard before; so it would probably be about half [new] and half [traditional]."

The singer-songwriter admits, however, that actually putting pen to paper for the album is a bit challenging. "I haven't written any yet," he explains. "Christmas is a very specific thing. You've just got to open your brain up and open your mind up and do something that's kind of outside the box. Maybe it's funny or maybe it's a little more serious in another whole way. You have to go down other avenues to make something fresh. It's difficult."

The South Carolina native also plans on hitting the road in 2013, but hasn't revealed who he'll be touring with just yet. "It's so cool to know that we're going to be on a pretty major tour next year," he noted. "There's so many good things that come out of that. We're excited. I wish I could tell you all about it, but I can't. I might get in trouble. As soon as they announce it, we'll announce it. It's going to be fun though, I know that."

For now, Lee has several solo dates scheduled for the next few months, including a New Year's Eve show at the Sun Bowl Stadium in El Paso, Texas. See his upcoming concerts here.