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Screen_shot_2012-01-30_at_2.06.14_PMMany guys are wary to enter lingerie stores at the mall, so Lee Brice has come up with a way for them to buy something sexy without feeling like a pervert. This pair of pink boy shorts costs $15 at the singer’s merchandise section of his website, and currently is available in sizes large and extra large. You may want to make sure your woman is cool with having the word “crazy” across her backside, however. We’re not sure how to begin that conversation either, but if you figure it out, share your secret in the comments section below.

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LeeBrice_smNashville, TN - (January 26, 2012) – Curb Records recording artist and BMI songwriter, Lee Brice, was nominated today by the Academy of Country Music in the prestigious “Song of the Year” category for his composition, “Crazy Girl,” recorded by the Eli Young Band. Brice shares writing credit with collaborator, Liz Rose. “Crazy Girl” was Billboard’s No. 1 country song for 2011, and Brice’s well-known hit, “Love Like Crazy,” was the No. 1 song for 2010.
Reacting to the nomination, Brice said, “Liz Rose and I were just fortunate enough to be in the same room that magical day and wrote a magical song.  Within a few hours, the song came together. I’m so honored to be acknowledged along with these other amazing writers.” Brice also extends his congratulations to the Eli Young Band for their ACM nomination for “Single of the Year” for “Crazy Girl.” “I’m so happy for the Eli Young Band. They’ve worked so hard for so long, and they deserve all the success that’s coming to them.”
Thursday, 26 January 2012 21:03

Lee Brice Reflects On Frightening Bus Fire


Over the weekend (Saturday, Jan. 21), Lee Brice was the latest country star to fall victim to an unexpected bus fire that destroyed his home on wheels. After pulling into Toby Keith‘s I Love This Bar and Grill restaurant in Mesa, Ariz., the back end of Brice’s Prevost tour bus caught on fire, but everyone escaped with minimal damage. Brice is now reflecting on the scare.


The Eli Young Band experienced another first in their careers on Monday afternoon (Jan. 23) as they sat in the spotlight at their very first No. 1 party in Nashville, honoring their recent chart-topping single, ‘Crazy Girl.’


The feat was a long time coming for the Texas-based band who started their musical journey well over a decade ago. ”I’m kind of glad it’s happened the way it has, just because we’ve been able to develop our craft of songwriting,” the band’s guitar player James Young told Taste of Country prior to the party starting. “We’ve just had a lot of fun learning how to be a band for the past 12 years. This is just icing on the cake.”

“I think with everything that goes along with having a No. 1, we wouldn’t have been able to deal with it [if it happened right away in our career],” added frontman Mike Eli. “We would have had deer in the headlight looks … it would’ve been horrible [laughs]!”