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LeeBrice_smLee Brice‘s highly-anticipated sophomore album on Curb Records is set to hit stores in April. The new collection of tunes will be titled ‘Hard to Love,’ and, according to the singer, will be packed with plenty of music that is his most honest to date.


“I’ve never been more excited about my music,” Brice told Taste of Country last month. “I was able to really go in with a lot of leeway from the label to make the record I wanted to make. We ventured out and did some really cool stuff … hopefully it’s cool. It’s definitely different. Either way, it’s just really honest. I’m just really excited about that part of it. Musically, I’m a very diverse person, so there’s a lot of different types and angles of music on this record … different flavors of it. I’m just excited for people to hear it and tell us what they think.”


Thursday, 09 February 2012 21:11

Lee Brice: New Album Coming In April!

LeeBrice_BackToBack Been quite a year for Lee Brice! 2010 & 2011 Billboard Song of the Year Artist/Writer Recipient and Nominated for 2012 ACM Song of the Year (as the songwriter). Not to mention, has the #5 most purchased song this week “A Woman Like You” on iTunes, selling over 30,000 singles a week! His new album, Hard To Love will be released in April!
Screen_shot_2012-01-30_at_4.17.01_PM Lee Brice‘s chin is buried somewhere beneath that chin carcass. The singer must have grown the beard really quickly, as it was late last year that he filmed the video for his new single ‘A Woman Like You.’ Maybe his new fiancee likes a man with a really long, well-aged thicket of facial here. Examine this photo closely, and try to explain what’s happening in Brice’s head with a caption in the comments section below. We encourage creativity; as long your ideas pass the Grandma test you’re OK. That is: If Grandma would smack you upside the head for saying it around her, you probably should keep it to yourself.

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