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When successful songwriters like Rhett Akins, Thomas Rhett and Luke Laird get together, you would think that they could spit out a few No. 1 hits without too much trouble. But sometimes, even the best songwriters suffer from writer’s block. However, in the case of Lee Brice‘s ‘Parking Lot Party’ lyrics, writer’s block gave way to Top 20 radio gold.


“That song was not even supposed to be written,” Akins reveals in an interview with Roughstock. “It was just one of those miracle days where Thomas Rhett just wasn’t feeling anything we were writing. We started two or three songs, and Thomas Rhett was like, ‘Naw, I don’t like that,’ or ‘I don’t feel like writing that.’ His head just wasn’t into it that day.”



Lee Brice’s new single, “Parking Lot Party,” has been rockin’ country radio all summer.  The new single serves as the fourth release from his Hard 2 Love album, and has been the perfect anthem for the concert tailgating scene.


With football season right around the corner, CountryMusicRocks caught up with Lee and asked what his Top 5 essentials were for the perfect tailgate – or in his case parking lot party!


1) Your Buddies/Friends because that’s what it is all about.
2) Coolers
3) Tailgate – You’ve got to have a tailgate of some sorts
4) Beer
5) Food


lee-brice-650-430Jerrod Niemman, Lee Brice and Randy Houser were songwriting buddies long before any of them scored a hit on the radio, so it’s very fitting for them to come together for a CMA Songwriters Series show in Austin, TX next month. The show is set for Wednesday, September 11 at Antone’s. Legendary songwriter Bob DiPiero is also on the bill.


Says Jerrod, “Randy, Lee and I cut our teeth in this industry together and Bob is one of our heroes, so we’re all excited to come together for this night to celebrate the music.”


Screen_Shot_2013-08-12_at_12.04.34_PMOn August 8, I spoke via telephone with country music star Lee Brice about his latest single “Parking Lot Party,” his album “Hard 2 Love,” his upcoming “The Otherside” headlining tour, as well as his recent successes in the music industry.

His love ballad “A Woman Like You” was his first chart-topping single on the Billboard Hot Country Airplay charts and he dubbed that as an “awesome” experience. “That was our first number one and we have had two more after that, so we have been on a roll and we have been loving life,” he said. One of his most heartfelt songs on his latest album is “I Drive Your Truck,” and Lee Brice noted that it chilled him to the bone the first time that he heard it since it made him think of his grandfather and other important folks in his life.